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SassyFrass "tees that tell the story of your life" began as a private label design for our own boutique in North Alabama. Quickly, we were having customers from out of town call the store wanting to know if we would ship shirts to them. The shirts were so successful that we decided to offer them to some friends who also owned boutiques and gift shops in nearby towns. As more designs were added to the line, it became apparent that we needed to market the line a little more aggressively, so an e-mail campaign was launched. We sent out pictures of the designs in the line along with an introductory letter to boutiques across the country. In a few short months, SassyFrass was being sold in nine states!

If you are a retail customer, we hope that you will find a store near you to purchase your favorite SassyFrass Tee, if not, please ask a retailer near you to consider carrying the line, and in the meantime we will gladly ship to you directly. For Wholesalers, please take a moment to fill out the wholesale application to get started!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristi & Steve

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